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Technical and medical assistance in Spain and Portugal


IMA Ibérica specialises in providing assistance services to individuals and vehicles for foreign companies without their own network in Spain or Portugal. It provides a comprehensive service thanks to its network of providers and a platform that includes multilingual staff.

We offer quick medical and technical assistance to insured parties. Our service stands out for its professionalism, efficiency and technological innovation.

IMA Ibérica also offers cover services to Spanish and Portuguese companies for their assistance services abroad.

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Correspondent Services – Healthcare

Our group of medical experts develops tracking actions for the patient's process, including home care and repatriation.
IMA Ibérica physicians track this activity and keep their counterparts in our Key Account customers informed of the patient's status. IMA Ibérica even offers economic management of the service: cost containment.

Correspondent Services – Auto

If on-site repairs are not possible, we offer customers the use of our Network of Reliable Garages (400 in Spain and 100 in Portugal). In these garages, we are given priority treatment in terms of diagnostics and repairs.

Your customers will feel at home even when they are away from home.

• 77% of malfunctioning vehicles are repaired on the same day
• Most vehicles can carry on with their journey in less than 2 hours